3D Virtual House Tours Are Changing How People View Homes

Feb 22, 2024

In 2020, real estate agents needed a way to show properties without anyone physically stepping inside due to the emerging pandemic. The industry quickly turned to 3D virtual house tours — and they’re still widely popular with (and preferred by) buyers today. In fact, three out of five home shoppers say they’re willing to purchase a place after only seeing a virtual tour. 

With a 3D virtual house tour, buyers can access the property without scheduling a showing with their agent. They can explore rooms, get measurements, and envision living in the space without ever leaving the sofa.

What Is a 3D Virtual House Tour?

3D virtual house tours are a digital experience that makes buying or selling a home easier and faster. It allows you to tour an entire home, from the front porch steps to the primary bedroom and everywhere in between, at your own pace and on your timeline. 

Viewers can navigate the 3D space by clicking or tapping the screen to “stroll” through the home. This tool helps buyers narrow their home search and find what works best for their family. If something in the home is a deal-breaker, buyers can simply move on to the next without wasting any time. 

Benefits of 3D Virtual House Tours

Let’s look at the benefits of 3D virtual house tours. 

More Buyer Interest

3D virtual house tours enhance online listings by creating an immersive experience, giving viewers a better sense of the home’s layout, flow, and unique features. 

Simple Viewing Options

If buyers are relocating to a new area, such as military families, they can use virtual tours to shop for houses. Similarly, properties in remote areas can be toured online instead of buyers traveling to the home.

Wider Reach

With virtual tours, sellers can attract a wider audience, reaching potential buyers beyond their local area. 

3D Virtual House Tours Versus Other 3D Services

How are 3D virtual house tours different from other 3D services? While each product can strengthen a home’s online presentation, they offer a range of features.


iGuide is the must-have 3D virtual house tour system. It offers features that help buyers see how they could personalize the home. They can take measurements to decide how they will arrange furniture or plan for renovations. An iGuide system with Absolute Altitude comes with a premium colored 2D floorplan that corresponds with the 3D virtual tour.

3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans are 2D floor plans with 3D drawn elements, providing more depth and perspective. 

3D Rendering Videos

3D rendering videos are developed from 2D floor plans. They’re a constant video that winds through the property. Viewers can pause the video but can’t interact with it like the iGuide system.

3D rendering videos are computer generated, so the home’s condition can be altered, which benefits sellers. For example, a preconstruction home with only drywall can become a finished space with painted walls, furniture, texture, and more. All that’s needed are walls, and the 3D rendering video can make them look like a stylish, put-together home. 

3D Virtual House Tours With Absolute Altitude

3D virtual house tours have changed the real estate industry for good. Absolute Altitude is raising the bar for 3D virtual house tours, photography, film, and other media services. With various package options available, our team will find the right marketing solutions to help you excel in the industry. 
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