How to Build Credibility With Real Estate Social Media Posts

Feb 5, 2024

Social media is an invaluable marketing tool for real estate professionals. A single post can reach countless people online, giving you a greater chance of connecting with potential clients. Social media strategies can maximize your online reach and help your brand stand out online. 

One tactic is developing real estate social media posts that establish you as a genuine, trustworthy leader in the industry. The right types of content — such as educational posts and client testimonials — boost your credibility and potentially build more opportunities for your business.

Why Use Social Media Posts for Real Estate?

If you’re wondering why social media is the must-have marketing tool in real estate, let’s consider the most active age groups in the market. According to the National Association of Realtors Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, 28% of buyers are Millennials, with 12% as Younger Millennials (ages 24 to 32) and 16% as Older Millennials (ages 33 to 42). Gen X (ages 43 to 57) make up 24% of the market. 

As the top tech tool that generates high-quality leads, social media is a surefire way to reach Millennial and Gen X homebuyers. Posts that showcase you as a trusted professional can help you stand out to potential clients and solidify your place as the go-to real estate agent in the local market. 

Social Media Posts That Boost Credibility

Leveraging social media can create many opportunities for your brand, such as generating leads, building and nurturing client relationships, and establishing a professional network. To make it happen, you need to post and share valuable content. Let’s take a look at the types of posts that boost credibility.

Educational Content

Teach your audience something new by posting market insights and other helpful information. Talk about trends in home renovations, offer buying and selling tips, explain market insights, or simply provide inspiration around making a home more attractive or functional. 

Sharing your real estate knowledge in social media posts gives your audience something to look forward to on their timeline. Plus, they’ll think of you as a real estate expert (which you are, of course). 

Client Testimonials 

Testimonials demonstrate your expertise as an agent and offer examples of other people’s positive experiences working with you. Reading testimonials from people in a similar situation — such as first-time homebuyers or downsizing retirees — establishes relatability and helps potential clients envision how you can help them in their unique circumstances.

Community Building

Consider how your online presence can build and sustain long-term connections. Real estate social media posts might initially attract followers to your page, but they’ll stay for the community. Let your page be where your audience can explore different parts of town, learn about specific neighborhoods, or get inspiration to try a new restaurant. 

While posting the right mix of content is essential for your real estate social media page, sharing other valuable content and engaging with your audience are also must-dos. Interacting with your followers further boosts your credibility and shows you’re interested in making connections and growing your business. 

What to Know Before Posting

In a highly competitive industry, it’s essential to cultivate an online presence that showcases you as the trusted real estate professional in the market. According to NAR, the most-used social media platforms in real estate are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. TikTok and Snapchat are also useful for many agents. 

You may need to try each to see what works best for you. Wherever you decide to post, make sure your brand is consistent across all platforms. A key advantage of social media is the cost or lack thereof. Most social media platforms are free, allowing you to find what fits and is most beneficial for your business. 

Social Media Marketing With Absolute Altitude 

Absolute Altitude is a team specializing in real estate social media marketing, photography, and film. We can take your social media content to the next level with a custom marketing plan that’s managed by our partner, Cottrill Creatives. 
Real estate social media posts provide countless opportunities for success. Want to know how social media can transform your real estate business? Get in touch with us, and we’ll get back to you with creative solutions that really work.

We plan your shots

Planning is key to capturing effective B-roll. Typically we are following a custom script that details each shot we want to get while we are at the property. 

We do this to make the best use of your time, and to make sure we can get in and out of the shoot efficiently.

We also specialize in the direction we give to the agent or other hired talent. The fact that we have experience in story-telling and directing people on what to do when adds big-time value.

We often identify unique features and architectural details that deserve attention. Consider the story you want to tell about the property – is it modern and sleek, cozy and rustic, or luxurious and opulent? Absolute Altitude will tailor your B-roll shots to align with this narrative.




     A focus on details

    Close-up shots of design elements like doorknobs, light fixtures, backsplash tiles, and unique architectural elements can add significant value. These shots give potential buyers a closer look at the quality and design features that set the property apart. Use a long lens if necessary to capture intricate details clearly.

    To make your video dynamic and engaging, we  vary your shots in terms of angles and movements. Here are a few techniques:

    • Panning: Slowly move the camera from one side to another to reveal a room or a feature.
    • Tilting and Pedestal Movements: Move the camera up and down to show the height and space either using a hinge or pole.
    • Tracking: Move the camera along a path, following a subject or moving through a space.
    • Static Shots: Hold the camera steady on a tripod to focus on specific elements.


    We Use the right equipment

    While a high-quality camera is essential, additional equipment can elevate your B-roll footage. We often get feedback about our price points, and that others are more affordable. We are very transparent about the quality we bring to each project. This means that we use the best equipment to capture high-resolution footage that is in focus, doesn’t shake, and is the appropriate color. We take pride in using the latest tech to make sure our clients and their collateral are captured in cinematic-quality footage.

    Some basic tools we use are (If we listed everything it would be a whole other blog, but here is a short break down of the types of tools that are in the back of our vehicles):

    • Gimbal: For smooth, cinematic shots, especially when moving through spaces.
    • Tripod: For steady, static shots that highlight specific features.
    • Wide-Angle and Prime Lenses: To capture more of the space in a single frame, giving viewers a comprehensive view. Prime lenses have a fixed focal length for tack-sharp images and dreamy depths of field.
    • Specialty lighting: Our lighting kits for high-end shoots are something that you will not find in your average real estate on-site shoot project.
    • Multiple cameras that are specific to the type of scene we are shooting.
    • Drone: For breathtaking aerial shots that showcase the property’s location and surroundings.
    • All the portable power and batteries to power your project!




    Final thoughts

    Capturing compelling B-rolls for real estate videos involves thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and the right equipment. Depending on the project we could have a multi-age script that we have crafted to make sure we create wow-worthy experiences for your portfolio.

     By focusing on the unique aspects of the property and using various shooting techniques, we can create a rich, immersive video that stands out to potential buyers. Remember, the goal of B-roll is to enhance the story you’re telling about the property, making it more appealing and memorable and that is our favorite story to tell.

     Joel Yocca is the man with the plan, the owner & CEO of Absolute Altitude. The A2 team is prepared to provide you with the assets you need to level up in any market.



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