How Corporate Video Production Can Grow Your Business

Jan 18, 2024

Video content has become a dominant force in today’s marketing landscape. Numerous studies have shown that it can be highly effective at attracting qualified customers to your products or services. In fact, 92% of marketers say that video has given them a positive return on their investment, and 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video

Yet not all videos are created equal. Telling your company’s story in a way that’s engaging and compelling demands a creative and strategic approach — which often requires the help of professional corporate video production services.

With its ability to convey complex messages simply and quickly, video content offers an effective strategy for growing your business. Let’s take a closer look at how corporate video production can become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

The Value of Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production involves creating high-quality videos that communicate a company’s mission, products, services, or brand message. These videos can take many forms, such as promotional videos, training videos, product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and live event videos. 

The best corporate videos tell a story that’s relevant to your viewers. It taps into their emotions while providing useful information about how your brand can make your customers’ lives better. 

A well-crafted video is far more than just a marketing piece — it’s an opportunity to tell your brand’s story, connect with your audience, and showcase what sets you apart from the competition. It should also help drive your potential clients to take action, whether it’s signing up for more information, making a purchase, or anything in between. 

The Benefits of Corporate Video Production

While recording yourself talking in your car IS authentic and has its place, a well-polished video that tells the story of your business and brand builds trust, showcases professionalism, and drives sales.

Investing in corporate video production comes with several valuable benefits:

Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

Videos can grab attention and get shared across different platforms, increasing your brand’s visibility.

Build Trust and Credibility

High-quality videos that showcase your company’s expertise can build trust and credibility with your audience.

Engage and Retain Customers

Videos that are more engaging can keep customers on your website longer, increasing the chances of conversion.

Improve SEO Rankings

Search engines love fresh and engaging content. Videos increase dwell time, reduce bounce rate, and improve organic search engine rankings.

Enhance Social Media Presence

Videos are the most shared content on social media. They can drive engagement and enhance your social media presence.

Getting Started With Corporate Video Production

Hiring a professional corporate video production company is the best place to start. But before you book an appointment, take the following steps to make sure you’re prepared:

• Identify your target audience. Understand who your customers are, what they need and value, and which problems they’re trying to solve.

• Develop a video content strategy. Plan your content around the sweet spot where your business goals meet your audience’s needs.

• Think about which story(s) you want to tell. Make sure your content is relatable to your target customers; in other words, why will they care?

• Find the right video production company. Look for a company that understands your vision and can bring it to life. Make sure they have a portfolio of powerful and successful video content. 

Get the Best Corporate Video Production at Absolute Altitude

At the end of the day, successful corporate video production is about telling compelling stories that resonate with your audience. At Absolute Altitude, we specialize in creating engaging, high-quality corporate videos that can give your brand a powerful edge over your competition. Our team of expert filmmakers is dedicated to sharing your story in ways that turn consumers into loyal fans. 
Contact us today to book your next video project.

We plan your shots

Planning is key to capturing effective B-roll. Typically we are following a custom script that details each shot we want to get while we are at the property. 

We do this to make the best use of your time, and to make sure we can get in and out of the shoot efficiently.

We also specialize in the direction we give to the agent or other hired talent. The fact that we have experience in story-telling and directing people on what to do when adds big-time value.

We often identify unique features and architectural details that deserve attention. Consider the story you want to tell about the property – is it modern and sleek, cozy and rustic, or luxurious and opulent? Absolute Altitude will tailor your B-roll shots to align with this narrative.




     A focus on details

    Close-up shots of design elements like doorknobs, light fixtures, backsplash tiles, and unique architectural elements can add significant value. These shots give potential buyers a closer look at the quality and design features that set the property apart. Use a long lens if necessary to capture intricate details clearly.

    To make your video dynamic and engaging, we  vary your shots in terms of angles and movements. Here are a few techniques:

    • Panning: Slowly move the camera from one side to another to reveal a room or a feature.
    • Tilting and Pedestal Movements: Move the camera up and down to show the height and space either using a hinge or pole.
    • Tracking: Move the camera along a path, following a subject or moving through a space.
    • Static Shots: Hold the camera steady on a tripod to focus on specific elements.


    We Use the right equipment

    While a high-quality camera is essential, additional equipment can elevate your B-roll footage. We often get feedback about our price points, and that others are more affordable. We are very transparent about the quality we bring to each project. This means that we use the best equipment to capture high-resolution footage that is in focus, doesn’t shake, and is the appropriate color. We take pride in using the latest tech to make sure our clients and their collateral are captured in cinematic-quality footage.

    Some basic tools we use are (If we listed everything it would be a whole other blog, but here is a short break down of the types of tools that are in the back of our vehicles):

    • Gimbal: For smooth, cinematic shots, especially when moving through spaces.
    • Tripod: For steady, static shots that highlight specific features.
    • Wide-Angle and Prime Lenses: To capture more of the space in a single frame, giving viewers a comprehensive view. Prime lenses have a fixed focal length for tack-sharp images and dreamy depths of field.
    • Specialty lighting: Our lighting kits for high-end shoots are something that you will not find in your average real estate on-site shoot project.
    • Multiple cameras that are specific to the type of scene we are shooting.
    • Drone: For breathtaking aerial shots that showcase the property’s location and surroundings.
    • All the portable power and batteries to power your project!




    Final thoughts

    Capturing compelling B-rolls for real estate videos involves thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and the right equipment. Depending on the project we could have a multi-age script that we have crafted to make sure we create wow-worthy experiences for your portfolio.

     By focusing on the unique aspects of the property and using various shooting techniques, we can create a rich, immersive video that stands out to potential buyers. Remember, the goal of B-roll is to enhance the story you’re telling about the property, making it more appealing and memorable and that is our favorite story to tell.

     Joel Yocca is the man with the plan, the owner & CEO of Absolute Altitude. The A2 team is prepared to provide you with the assets you need to level up in any market.



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